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With particular attention to reducing clutter, Netto Patria Kitchen is popular among millennials. Known for its sleek design and style, this contemporary kitchen comes with a range of finishes embracing design and functionality.

Patria kitchen design - kitchen furniture, cabinets, countertops, kitchen furniture and backsplashes

Explore our select range of Patria kitchens blending the design vision of modern-day millennials and their customised specifications.



Extremely Durable

A stress-free kitchen fuses the comfort of eco-friendly solutions with high resistant, ergonomic and nontoxic materials.

Soft Neutrals

With an abundance of natural light; neutral and white tones complement the sleek design and clean look that never goes out of style.

Simple Purity

A touch of simplicity is a favourite among millennials. The kitchen evokes a sense of calmness without losing its charm.

Patria kitchens - countertop, sink & kitchen sanitaryware fittings


Patria countertops are the result of a lasting appeal. Combining quality technique and craftsmanship helps to withstand hot temperatures, strains, moisture. Choose from Black Galaxy granite or Carrara quartz as a stunning accent.


Maximising space, Tandembox allows full extension for the drawers to store kitchenware of all shapes and sizes. Advanced technical frames are well integrated, making it more efficient to the way you use it.


Matching your storage dimensions, Patria cabinets come with soft-close hinges for gentle opening and closing technique. Lift systems establish an organized experience while improving efficiency. Choose from an array of stylish designs depending on your desired theme.


Our brochure introduces you to the latest kitchen trends, smart appliances, and colour variations for the classic and contemporary style options.




Strong, stylish and well crafted. The use of MDF boards in cabinets provides extra protection from humidity. For additional aesthetics, apply any colour of your choice.

Moisture Resistant MDF

A solid interior surface plays a vital role in your kitchen. Suitable to withstand moisture and humidity, the material is sealed, primed and painted before installation.

Solid Wood

Extremely resistant, the material is a blend of wood chips and resin. It is pressed into the interior of cabinets as shelves to endure a high load of heavy cookware.

  • Quartz

    Available in a variety of colours and patterns, Quartz is an easy choice for an elegant finish to your kitchen. Known for its practical and aesthetic properties, quartz worktops are ideal for busy kitchens.

  • Marble

    Resistant to stains and scratches, marble rock is a common choice for kitchen worktops. Made from limestone, the marble effect combines purity and soft-touch texture for all interior mood and space.

  • Granite

    Incredibly versatile and extremely durable, granite offers an unparalleled elegance for kitchen countertops. Available in various hues, this stone suits a whole range of kitchen designs.

  • Laminate

    Laminates are pressed together over kitchen surfaces for low maintenance. An extensive range of decorative patterns and colours help enable soft or metallic styles.

  • Melamine

    The tough coating of melamine makes a decorative cabinet colorfast and highly durable. Different hues and patterns are most desired for a timeless look.



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