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The Colonica kitchen line has a rustic charm. Lacquered wooden surfaces and clean whites are blended beautifully. Our designers created these kitchens to encourage a country-style warmth rich in tradition.

If you prefer an ideal blend of modern and classic options, explore our beautiful, easy to use Colonica range effortlessly embracing both traditional and stylish modern features.



Classic Aesthetic

Colonica brings a traditionally rustic charm to your space. A mix of lacquered wooden surfaces and clean whites evokes a sense of natural warmth.

Clean Cut Lines

Clean cut lines hide clutter to maximise space and maintain their functional purpose. The finished design effortlessly incorporates into your space.

Perfect Balance

A timeless classic strikes a perfect balance between rustic charm and modernity. Colonica defines elegance, craft and beauty overall.


Countertops hold the overall beauty of your kitchen. Make the perfect choice from White Calacatta marble to Black Marquina stone to create a truly timeless kitchen.


Experience luxury with sleek Tandembox drawers. Interiors are clean-cut structures that maintain full slide lengths. Maximum storing can withstand heavyweight from cookware whilst achieving an organised presence.


Our unique pull system cabinetry caters to all custom requirements. From modern contemporary tones to classical trends, we have limitless design possibilities that vary in look and performance.


Our brochure introduces you to the latest kitchen trends, smart appliances, and colour variations for the classic and contemporary style options.




Strong, stylish and well crafted. The use of MDF boards in cabinets provides extra protection from humidity. For additional aesthetics, apply any colour of your choice.

Moisture Resistant MDF

A solid interior surface plays a vital role in your kitchen. Suitable to withstand moisture and humidity, the material is sealed, primed and painted before installation.

Solid Wood

Extremely resistant, the material is a blend of wood chips and resin. It is pressed into the interior of cabinets as shelves to endure a high load of heavy cookware.

  • Quartz

    Available in a variety of colours and patterns, Quartz is an easy choice for an elegant finish to your kitchen. Known for its practical and aesthetic properties, quartz worktops are ideal for busy kitchens.

  • Marble

    Resistant to stains and scratches, marble rock is a common choice for kitchen worktops. Made from limestone, the marble effect combines purity and soft-touch texture for all interior mood and space.

  • Granite

    Incredibly versatile and extremely durable, granite offers an unparalleled elegance for kitchen countertops. Available in various hues, this stone suits a whole range of kitchen designs.

  • Lacquered

    Lacquers comprise special varnish to achieve a subtly orange-peel mirror finish. Any surface applied with this coating has more strength to withstand scratches and abrasions.

  • Laminate

    Laminates are pressed together over kitchen surfaces for low maintenance. An extensive range of decorative patterns and colours help enable soft or metallic styles.

  • Melamine

    The tough coating of melamine makes a decorative cabinet colorfast and highly durable. Different hues and patterns are most desired for a timeless look.

  • Veneer

    The natural warmth and beauty of timber veneer reflects in its wood quality. Deep grain variations lend kitchen interiors an elaborate detailing.



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